The Latest: Senate OKs easier access to insurance benefits

Updated 11/8/2017 5:18 PM

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. -- The Latest on legislative action in Springfield (all times local):

5:20 p.m.

Illinois state Treasurer Michael Frerichs (FRAYR'-iks) has won approval of a law making it easier for survivors of deceased family members to claim life insurance benefits.

The Senate's 38-16 vote Wednesday to override Gov. Bruce Rauner's veto puts the proposal into law.

It requires life insurance companies to compare electronic records of its policies in force since 2000 with the Social Security Administration's list of deaths to determine whether a policy should be paid.

Auditors hired by the Democratic treasurer found that life insurance companies held more than $550 million between 2011 and 2015 that should have been paid to a decedent's family members.

Republican Rauner vetoed it as potentially unconstitutional. He says Illinois rules only require companies to keep lapsed policy records for a year. He says a state law that took effect this year is fair because it requires companies to keep track of such policies going forward.


The bill is HB302 .


4:40 p.m.

Children in Illinois who start their school careers at keyboards will be required to learn cursive writing.

The Senate voted 42-12 Wednesday to override Gov. Bruce Rauner's veto of legislation that students learn cursive writing despite far less long-hand writing these days.

Advocates say printing is not efficient and sloppy and writing will never go out of style. They say lacking an understanding of cursive writing will hinder the ability to read historical documents or family histories.

Critics complained school teachers have too many requirements from the state.


The bill is HB2977 .


2:15 p.m.

The Illinois Senate has endorsed monthly reporting of incoming bills despite a veto by Gov. Bruce Rauner.

The Senate's 52-3 vote Wednesday to override the Republican governor's action makes the "debt transparency act" state law beginning Jan. 1.

The plan was pushed by Democratic Comptroller Susana Mendoza. She says it will help her prioritize bill-paying with the state facing nearly $17 billion in overdue bills.

Current law requires annual reporting in October of bills state agencies had on hand as of June 30. Mendoza says that's too outdated to help her plan.

Rauner vetoed the measure. He accused Mendoza of trying to "micromanage" the governor's budgeting authority. Then he said the program would be too expensive.

There was no discussion before the Senate's override vote.


The bill is HB3649


4:50 a.m.

The Illinois General Assembly returns to work and the Senate will likely take up legislation to require monthly reporting of overdue bills .

A two-year budget stalemate between the Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner and Democrats who control the Legislature left the state with $17 billion in overdue bills.

The "debt-transparency act" has been pushed hard by Democratic state Comptroller Susana Mendoza. Rauner rejected it as a political ploy by Mendoza and says it's too costly.

The House voted unanimously two weeks ago to reverse him.

The General Assembly is back at work Wednesday. A Senate override would require state agencies to report monthly on bills they've incurred.

There's only an annual requirement now which Mendoza says is useless to her office in planning debt payments.



The bill is HB3649 .

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