Glen Ellyn gas station vote ignored residents

Posted3/29/2017 1:00 AM

It took an unfathomable team effort, but at the March 13 meeting, the Glen Ellyn Village Board ignored every concern brought forth by residents, and approved a 24-hour gas station & liquor/convenience store at Five Corners, 825 N Main Street.

More than 700 members of the community had signed a petition opposing it.


With opaque transparency, the board pushed a special use permit for the land through in three weeks. In so doing, the board overturned the unanimous vote by the planning commission to reject the special use application -- an unprecedented move. This was undertaken with the underwhelming, and conveniently new belief that this real estate will net $140,000 in tax revenue per year -- representing a mere .2 percent increase in revenue annually.

They chose not to listen to community members, who filled the room and an overflow room with video feed and voiced concerns about:

• The increased cancer risk from benzene, a chemical found in gasoline and proven to cause cancer in humans;

• Federal school-siting guidelines advise against schools being close to gas stations. Forest Glen Elementary will be less than 500 feet from the proposed station;

• The runoff and drainage that will absolutely come from this, with an 11-foot drop-off in elevation to neighborhood homes;

• The safety of the already dangerous Five-Corners intersection of Main St., St. Charles and Geneva roads;

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• The expected increase in crime at the 24/7 store-station;

• The far-reaching negative effects on the neighborhood and the homeowners' real estate values;

• The destruction of numerous trees, digging on contaminated soil and building on moderate potential wetlands;

• The inherent light, sound and air pollution from such an all-night business.

Our representatives showed an unconscionable indifference to the integrity, the character, residents, and especially the children of the village serve.

Andrew Livingston

Glen Ellyn

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