Nine of Bonnie Dundee's 18 holes could be closed

Part of Carpentersville golf club may become park

  • Nine of the 18 holes at  Bonnie Dundee Golf Club could be turned into a public park with athletic fields and a trail system.

    Nine of the 18 holes at Bonnie Dundee Golf Club could be turned into a public park with athletic fields and a trail system. Courtesy of the Dundee Township Park District

Updated 3/16/2017 6:27 PM

A portion of the Bonnie Dundee Golf Club in Carpentersville could be transformed into a full-service community park, a move that would close nine of its 18 holes.

The Dundee Township Park District for months has been considering how to best use the more than 100-acre property, parks Executive Director Tom Mammoser said.


Recognizing a deficiency in the public park services available on the park district's east side, he said, officials came up with a proposal to convert about 40 acres at the property's northern end into a community park with athletic fields, trails, playgrounds and picnic areas.

Downsizing the golf course to add more park features would better serve park district residents, Mammoser said, pointing to golf's declining popularity industrywide.

The project, which is estimated to cost about $2 million, would allow Bonnie Dundee to offer open space and public amenities similar to those available at the Randall Oaks Park on the west side of the park district, Mammoser said.

"Part of this is, how can we best serve our residents in an equitable manner?" he said. "Getting some more park space on the east side would be crucial for that equity."

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Before deciding whether to move forward, however, park board members are gathering feedback on the proposal and seeking ideas for other potential uses of the land.

Up to 25 residents and community leaders will discuss the golf course's future from 7 to 9 p.m. Wednesday at the Rakow Center in Carpentersville.

Though the meeting is open to the public, the park district is soliciting input from only those invited, Mammoser said, noting the group includes people of various ages and recreational interests to "make sure we get a balanced perspective."

Discussion topics and feedback stemming from that meeting will be presented to the board in April, Mammoser said, though the timetable is open for making a decision on the project.

"I'm going to take the approach that if it is a direction we go in, we take the time to do it right," he said.

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