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Carol Stream Elementary District 93 School Board

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City: Carol Stream

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Office sought:

Carol Stream Elementary District 93 School Board

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Age: 41

Family: Married with 2 kids (ages 10 and 8).

Occupation: Police Officer

Education: Bachelor of Arts Degree in Spanish, Northeastern Illinois University.

Currently pursuing a Master's Degree in Latin American Literature, Northeastern Illinois University

Civic involvement: CCSD93 Diversity Committee Member.

Volunteer with the CCSD93 Parent Action Committee.

Volunteer and member of the Western Trails School PTA.

Elected offices held: CCSD93 Board Member 2015-2017

Questions & Answers

Why are you running for this office, whether for re-election or election the first time? Is there a particular issue that motivates you, and if so, what is it?

As a person with English as a second language, diversity within the schools is very important to me. I have enjoyed being a board member for almost two years and I wish to continue this very meaningful position.


What do you think about the process for measuring student success in your district? Is it adequate? What changes, if any, do you propose?

I do not believe that standardized tests measure students success. As we know, each student learns in different ways based on their cultural background and family support. I feel that progression is a better measure of their success as a student.

How big a role do you think the board of education should play in setting the curriculum for students and what ideas do you have for changes to the current curriculum?

The board of education should review and discuss the recommendations of the district Superintendent, administrators, and educators.

What budget issues will your district have to confront and what measures do you support to address them? If you believe cuts are necessary, what programs and expenses should be reduced or eliminated? On the income side, do you support any tax or fee increases?

The district has done a good job with the financial aspects, but they should continue to review the cost and benefit of new programs. As a resident of and homeowner in Carol Stream, I would not support a tax increase until all other options have been explored.

What role can and should school choice play in your district? If Congress or the state approves a voucher system or other means giving students broader choices among public and private schools, how will that affect your district? What is the appropriate response for the board of education of a public school system?

I would not support a voucher system. I believe this would cause a negative effect and a financial impact on the public school system.

What other issues, if any, are important to you as a candidate for this office?

As a police officer, school security and safety are also very important issues to address.

Please name one current leader who most inspires you.

Marco Rubio because I also believe in "ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country." JFK

What is the biggest lesson you learned at home growing up?

Hard work pays off, and the importance of family.

If life gave you one do-over, what would you spend it on?

After serving four years in the United States Marine Corps (94-98), I would re-enlist to continue my military career.

What was your favorite subject in school and how did it help you in later life?

English because it helped me to get ahead in my education and career.

If you could give your children only one piece of advice, what would it be?

Go to college, and you can achieve anything you put your mind to.