Red light camera ban a bad idea

Posted2/26/2017 12:01 AM

State Representative David McSweeney is back again with his proposal to ban red light cameras.

You have to wonder how many tickets he's received for running a red light. Do they ticket state lawmakers?

I've actually received a red light camera ticket and I deserved it for not making a complete stop before making a right turn on red.

Rep. McSweeney says the cameras are only there as a revenue source for municipalities and serve no useful purpose. He says intersections are no safer with the cameras in place. I say they are because the cameras make the reckless driver think twice about running a red light.

There are no statistics to show how many accidents have been avoided because of the red light cameras. If the cameras force a driver to actually stop, instead of slamming into a car in the middle of the intersection, then the cameras have done their job. The fact that collisions still occur at intersections guarded by a red light camera system means that there are still a lot of crazy drivers out there willing to gamble on getting a ticket or killing themselves and other people.

Perhaps, we need to make those red light camera tickets even more expensive. Impress on the bad drivers that running a red light will cost them a lot of money. Remember, there is no reason to object to red light cameras, if you actually stop at a red light. Oh, and why isn't Rep. McSweeney working as hard on getting a state budget passed as he is on getting rid of red light cameras?

Thomas Petersen


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