Roskam dismissal of protesters shameful

Updated 2/20/2017 11:19 AM

It's unfortunate Peter Roskam and the DuPage County Republicans see it fit to insult their constituency as they did in response to the demonstration of their voters' will at the Republican office in Palatine.

One official seemed to think it clever rather than willfully ignorant to state that the Republicans have met there every month for seven years and why are these voters here now. If he even pretended to care about what these voters wanted he would know they were opposed to the recently-elected President's autocratic approach to government.


These voters also had the gall to hope that Congress in the person of their representative, Peter Roskam, might maintain the balance of power by acting as a check on this executive willfulness, a prospect the framers of the Constitution had in mind when they wrote it.

It even more discouraging to see Rep. Roskam put on his conspiracy-theory hat in his response and dismiss constituents' bidding for is attention by attributing their interest as some kind of plot by a national political committee.

Mr. Roskam, these are your constituents. Dismissing them in such a high-handed manner only shows the reason they are forced to try to get your attention in this way.

Tim Bateman

Glen Ellyn

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