Transcript: 911 calls from scene of Villa Park-area shooting

  • Trevon Johnson, 17, was shot and killed by a DuPage County Sheriffs deputy late Sunday night in a townhouse near Villa Park.

      Trevon Johnson, 17, was shot and killed by a DuPage County Sheriffs deputy late Sunday night in a townhouse near Villa Park. Bev Horne | Staff Photographer

Updated 1/4/2017 3:35 PM

The DuPage County sheriff's office has released audio recordings of three 911 calls that began about 11:30 p.m. Sunday and led deputies to a townhouse near Villa Park and an eventual confrontation in which 17-year-old Trevon Johnson was shot and killed by a deputy.

The calls include Trevon's sister, brother and another person in the house telling dispatchers Trevon was breaking things and "going crazy," had shoved and struck at least one person and had grabbed a knife and glass. Apparent gunshots are heard more than five minutes after Trevon's brother made the second call from inside the townhouse on Standish Lane.


Here is an edited transcript of the calls to the DuPage Public Safety Communications and DuPage County Sheriff's Office Communications Center.

Call 1

From Trevon's sister, who doesn't give her name, it lasts 11 minutes, 6 seconds

Caller: (1:16 into the call) There's something, there's something happening. Domestic violence, everything (garbled) (shouting).

Dispatch: Hello?

Caller: What the? (shouting) What the (garbled).

Dispatch: (2:48) OK, who's there? Who's there fighting?

Caller: (Garbled) the house. Listen to him. Listen to him. He needs to go. He needs to go to jail now. And I'm pressing charges. And I want a restraining order.

Dispatch: Who, who is it ma'am?

Caller: (3:02) It's my brother. He destroyed the whole entire house. The whole house. He's taking knives. He's got glass. He just shoved me. He hit my (garbled), pulled out all my braids out of my hair. Everything, my hair, my braids. (Expletive's) all over the floor. (shouting).

Dispatch: What's his name? What's his name? What's his name?

Caller: (3:25) He done touch me. He put his hands on me. He punched me in my (garbled) several, several times. He broke the glass table in the house dining room. He, he threw the Christmas tree. He threw the TV. He's, it's over. He needs to go to jail, now.

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Dispatch: OK, what's his name? What's his name? What's his name?

Caller: (3:44) Trevon Johnson. T-R-E-V-O-N Johnson. He needs to go now. Call police. Y'all need to come get him and take him now.

Dispatch: (4:14) Ma'am, we have to ask questions so we know what's going on.

Caller: (shouting) There ain't no time for no questions. Y'all need to send somebody here now.

Dispatch: We are coming, but ...

Caller: (garbled) time!

Dispatch: Ma'am, think about it. If he leaves, then we need to know from you where he's going so we can get him. That's all we're trying to get on the phone with you and ask you these questions. It's not delaying our officers. They are already out there on the street. They are not leaving from here. They are already out there in your area.

Caller: OK.

Dispatch: I'm trying to find out, what's his birth date?

Caller: Feb. 22, 2015, (garbled) I don't know. Don't care.


Dispatch: (5:10) Does he have any weapons?

Caller: Yeah, yeah (shouting).

Dispatch: What kind of weapons?

Caller: Knives, bowls, plates, throwing stuff, picking up stuff in the house, whatever he can. He's (expletive) six feet, I'm 4'11". He's 200 pounds. I'm 117 pounds.

Dispatch: OK, what -- what does he have any guns?

Caller: Excuse me?

Dispatch: Does he have any guns?

Caller: No. But if it were he, he probably gonna get one. He needs to go now.

Dispatch: (5:49) OK. Has he been drinking or doing any drugs tonight?

Caller: I don't know what he's been doing. (shouting)

Dispatch: (7:34) Hello ma'am, what's your what's your name?

Caller: You're not getting my name 'til I see a police officer pull up to my house. 'Cause I've been on the phone with you for 15 minutes and if anything (garbled) you woulda been here.

Dispatch: Ma'am,

Caller: If something really going on, it take y'all forever to get here.

Dispatch: (7:49) Ma'am, we've been on the phone for seven minutes.

Caller: OK, well, that's seven minutes too long. It's an emergency. Y'all shoulda been here.

Dispatch: I understand, ma'am. But we're not right there around the corner. We have to get there.

Caller: Well when there ain't nothing going around, y'all be right there around the corner and y'all be right here. So again, I'm not giving you none of my information until police car get here. Ain't nobody came here yet.

Dispatch: (8:09) OK. I understand. That's what you want to do, no problem, ma'am, OK?

Caller: (crying) (shouting) (8:57) There's glass all over the floor. I think I got a big old cut and glass on my foot.

Dispatch: Are you bleeding, ma'am?

Caller: Yeah.

Dispatch: OK, you want me to get an ambulance to come there and check you out, too?

Caller: OK.

Dispatch: We will. We will. You'll be OK.

Caller: (9:27) He pulled out my hair. He grabbed my hair. Oh yup, my braids are on the floor 'cause you (garbled) you pulled my hair. (crying) (shouting) He beat me up, too. Hell no. (shouting) (garbled) He throw my hair all over the floor.

Call 2

From Trevon's older brother, it lasts 7 minutes, 34 seconds

Dispatch: What's going on there?

Caller: (0:24) My brother's going crazy. He breaking stuff and people's glasses and everything (garbled).

Dispatch: OK. What's your name?

Caller: Robert.

Dispatch: Sir?

Caller: Yeah.

Dispatch: What's your name?

Caller: Robert.

Dispatch: (0:55) Who's throwing stuff?

Caller: My little brother.

Dispatch: What's his name?

Caller: Trevon Johnson. He breaking stuff and everything.

Dispatch: What's Trevon's last name?

Caller: Johnson.

Dispatch: I'm sorry, date of birth?

Caller: I don't know none of that.

Dispatch: You don't know his date of birth or anything?

Caller: No.

Dispatch: Do you know his middle initial?

Caller: No.

Dispatch: (1:23) OK, is anybody hurt?

Caller: I think so (garbled). It's dark so I don't know. Uh, I think she is.

Dispatch: OK, and is there any weapons in the home?

Caller: (1:42) Um, no. He was picking up knives and glass and bottles and everything (inaudible).

Dispatch: Does he have any knives or anything with him right now?

Caller: Um, I think so.

Dispatch: Does he have a knife on him now?

Caller: (1:55) Uh, yeah. He's (garbled).

Dispatch: You're upstairs or is he upstairs?

Caller: Yeah. I'm upstairs.

Dispatch: OK. I want you to stay on the line with me, OK? How many people are in the home with you right now?

Caller: (2:27) Um, at least six, seven people.

Dispatch: Sir, I'm going to ask you again, do you know where he is in the home?

Caller: Um, he's in the room, my grandmother. He broke in the room, grandma.

Dispatch: He's in your grandma's room?

Caller: Yeah.

Dispatch: Is that upstairs or downstairs?

Caller: Upstairs.

Dispatch: OK, are you in a room next to him or you just out of?

Caller: (3:14) I'm nowhere near him. He's going crazy.

Dispatch: OK, and how many people are in the home?

Caller: At least seven people.

Dispatch: (3:28) What is it, like a pocket knife that he had? A butcher knife? What kind of knife is it?

Caller: I think it was, ah, a house knife, a kitchen knife.

Dispatch: It's a large, like a kitchen knife?

Caller: Yeah.

Dispatch: Like a carving knife?

Caller: Yeah. He, he, he broke the glass. He's throwing glass at (garbled) people.

Dispatch: (3:56) Does he have any history of mental illness or anything?

Caller: Um, I think so.

Dispatch: OK, your grandmother's room -- is it left or right of the stairs?

Caller: Ah, right.

Dispatch: You have to go upstairs and to the right?

Caller: Yes.

Dispatch: Is it the first door? Is it the first door to the right?

Caller: (4:50) Yes. (shouting).

Dispatch: Stay on the phone with me, sir.

Caller: (Yelling in the background).

Dispatch: OK, sir, has he been drinking at all today?

Caller: (5:20) No, no. He don't drink.

Dispatch: He doesn't drink?

Caller: (5:23) I mean, yeah. I, I, don't know. He's just (garbled). (shouting) He ain't gonna come down. (garbled).

Dispatch: Sir, can, can you lock that door? Can you get away from it? (garbled).

Caller: (shouting)

(5:47) The sound of multiple shots being fired.

Dispatch: (5:52): Sir? Sir?

Caller: (crying) (screaming)

Dispatch: Sir, are you there?

Caller: (screaming)

Dispatch: Sir?

Caller: Hello.

Dispatch: Robert, are you there?

Caller: (6:15) Yeah the police already here ... people shoot (garbled).

Dispatch: Who's shooting?

Caller: (6:19) (garbled)

Dispatch: Your brother's shooting?

Caller: Yeah, I think he shooting.

Dispatch: OK, where he is right now?

Caller: (garbled). What happened? What happened?

Dispatch: Sir?

Caller: Yeah?

Dispatch: Where is he?

Caller: (crying)

Dispatch: Are you still up in the bedroom?

Caller: (screaming)

Dispatch: (6:46) Robert?

Caller: (screaming) (crying) Who shot him? (garbled)

Dispatch: (6:56) Robert?

Caller: (garbled)

Dispatch: Robert

Caller: (screaming) (crying)

Dispatch: (7:25) Robert. Robert.

Call 3

Trina, unidentified relation to Trevon Johnson, it lasts 1 minute 46 seconds

Caller: (0:20) Somebody called from my phone.

Dispatch: OK, yeah. We have two people on the phone from that residence.

Caller: Yes, yes, they both was calling.

Dispatch: OK. What's going on there now?

Caller: (0:37) Uh, sister and brother got to fighting.

Dispatch: OK. Does Trevon still have the gu- the knife?

Caller: No.

Dispatch: OK. Where is it.

Caller: (0:46) It was a butter knife.

Dispatch: It was a butter knife?

Caller: Yeah.

Dispatch: OK, and where is it at now?

Caller: In the kitchen.

Dispatch: So he doesn't have it anymore?

Caller: No.

Dispatch: OK. Because we're being told he's armed with a large kitchen knife.

Caller: (1:05) No. No, no. We don't even have one.

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