Hina Trivedi honored with Asian Exemplary Civic Service Award 2016

  • Hina Trivedi, a Gujarati community leader received Asian Exemplary Civic Service AwardSuresh Bodiwala

    Hina Trivedi, a Gujarati community leader received Asian Exemplary Civic Service AwardSuresh Bodiwala

Suresh Bodiwala
Updated 12/5/2016 7:24 AM

Chicago: Hina Trivedi, a Gujarati community leader, President of Indo US Lions Club and a Trustee of Federation of Indian Associations Chicago, has now two more feathers in her crown, receiving Prudential Gold Medal from Washington DC and Asian Exemplary Civic Service Award 2016 for her exemplary community services for the past thirty years.

Hina received this Award along with other Asian community members. The award ceremony took place on November 20, 2016 at a dinner banquet at Sheraton Four Points Hotel, 10249 W Irving Park Rd, Schiller Park, IL where more than 200 guests mostly Asian Americans of Chicago & its Suburbs attended the event. The program included musical entertainment and dances. Illinois Secretary of State, Jesse White was the chief guest.


President Barack Obama in his letter addressed to Hina Trivedi congratulated her for getting the President's Volunteer Services Award for 2016 which was presented to her by Secretary of State, Jesse White during the event.

For the last fifteen years, in the month of November The Asian Humanitarian Award is given annually by the Asian Chronicle TV channel to individuals and families who are cohesive and positive role models for others to emulate, extend numerous civic and community services here and/or in their native countries, and they impact the positive image of Asians in America. Asian Chronicle TV channel is a very famous and popular Asian TV Channel in Chicagoland area.

Asian Chronicle USA is a television program on public access cable broadcast in many suburban communities of Chicagoland area. The program started in 1997 as a labor of love and service to the Asian American community-at-large by professionally trained crew.

Asian Chronicle USA, a Cable Access Television Program, had earlier selected Hina for the Asian Exemplary Services for being a bridge between India and USA serving the community with her command over seven languages and active association with local service organizations.

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Hina Trivedi is the president of Indo US Lions Club, a bridge between India and USA. She is multilingual speaking seven different languages and has served more than thirty years in various communities, serving as translator for citizenship interviews, helping people register to vote and assisting seniors in applying for Medicare or Medicaid, and housing. She tutors children in order for them to be busy and off the streets at CEDA and LIFHITE.

She is also the president of the Federation of Indian Associations, founding member of GOPIO Chicago, Executive Board Member of AIA and MAFS. She has attended many public awareness and social services conferences across the globe and has received many honors and awards from President Barack Obama, Mayor Richard M. Daley, IL Secretary of State Jesse White, Congressman Danny Davis, Representative Jan Schakowsky, and other locally and in India.

In an interview with Asian Media USA after Hina Trivedi received the award she said, "We must care for kids because they are our future, so we must guide them to the right direction and do whatever we can to help them to become proud Americans. It's an honor and privilege to serve Asian American community. I am always looking for ways to serve our Asian American community and other American community and help improve them. I will continue taking this challenging, exciting, collaborative, and positive attitude to help everyone. I am a cancer survivor. I believe that God gave me a second chance in life, for a reason. Because of this, I am dedicating my life to serving the needy. A smile on the face on a person means a lot to me".