Let's try to be more professional

Posted12/2/2016 5:01 AM

Isn't it a shame that the press was booed at both Democrat and Republican debates during the Presidential Primaries, then missed its forecasts by such a wide margin regarding the General Election?

Perhaps the reason for this unpopularity and imprecision is because modern media spends more effort passing along gossip like middle schoolers rather than reporting accurate news to adult audiences.

Readers want useful information, rather than coffeeclatch scuttlebutt. More cynical news analysts might disagree with me and wink, "... but opinionated chitchat sells more newspapers, Chris."

Consumers of Daily Herald reporting should keep both perspectives in mind.

The Nov. 23 article passing along a few board members' "angst", as Jim Fuller described it, about committee leadership assignments is an example of misdirection.

During my first term as chairman, the Kane County Board and I have frozen your county property tax levy, opened the county financial books and appointments to total transparency, and provided high-quality services through 1,300 employees to 523,000 constituents.

Rather than worry about their vacation plans, personality conflicts, and petty politics, members quoted in the article ought to be communicating to the public their ideas about improving operational efficiencies, resolving open management problems, and specific steps regarding how they will continue to maintain the trust of people for whom they work.

I have demonstrated unprecedented fairness in balancing leadership assignments for gender, party, and racial/ethnic backgrounds. This discipline will continue because it's simply the right thing to do.

It is neither respectful use of free speech nor fair and balanced reporting for the Daily Herald to stir up antagonism based on a few individuals' personal ambitions. The board as a whole has and will always advise and consent all my appointments by majority vote.

So, let's take a deep breath, relax, and carry on professionally focused on results.

Chris Lauzen

Kane County Board Chairman

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