Recognizing the urgency of a problem

Posted10/17/2016 12:01 AM

I can't believe what I read recently in an article contrasting opposing Lake County candidates. Regarding crude-by-rail transport, Aaron Lawlor states, "So there is a distinct trade-off because I don't think the need for that oil or the demand for that oil is going to go away at least in the short term."

This resembles something an addict would say. This "distinct trade-off" equates to human life versus political complacency and corporate gain. Oil companies rake in profits at public expense.


A derailment in Canada killed 47 people, five bodies were never found. The heat from the inferno was so intense they were incinerated. Another derailment in Cherry Valley, IL killed Zoila Tellez when she couldn't outrun a fireball at a rail-grade crossing; her unborn grandchild didn't survive the incident either.

Lawlor's opponent, Gerri Songer submitted a press release and made public comment bringing to light that, "There are schools near my community such as those in Lake Zurich Community Unit School District 95, Diamond Lake District 76, and Hawthorn District 73 located well within the 1-mile radius blast zone. Our community relies on well water, which could be at risk of contamination in the event of a spill. Crude oil released into the Des Plaines River at its northern end would flow almost the entire length of Lake County within 12 hours, contaminating the water for wildlife and recreational users. Its current would spread both the oil -- and the fire. A spill or fiery explosion in our densely populated county will be catastrophic."

Songer has worked two years and travelled the state educating people and demanding safer regulations; yet the incumbent claims it's not his job and advocates a "trade-off."

Recognizing the urgency of a problem is the first step in kicking the habit.

Carol Treslo



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