Cuts hurting parents most needing child care

Posted8/22/2016 1:00 AM

As a child care provider, I have opened my home to families who need a loving environment for their children while they work to support their family. I do this to provide a hand up to parents that struggle to make ends meet, who sometimes need to work two jobs so they can provide stability in their home.

Gov. Rauner's attacks on child care have deeply affected us. One of my parents had to withdraw her child from my day care and eventually lost her job because she didn't have consistent child care. She missed qualifying by just $20.


She is not the only one. 55,000 children across Illinois lost access to affordable care because of Bruce Rauner's cuts to the Child Care Assistance Program. But Rep. Sheri Jesiel voted against a bill that would have restored and expanded affordable child care to Lake County families.

As it is now, the economy is failing. If parents can't afford child care, then they can't work or pay their bills. Parents have to work 2½ jobs to survive in today's economy because of the increased cost of living and lower wages. Providers at home and in centers are forced to close their doors.

Rep. Jesiel fails to understand or care about the impact that the governor's cuts have had on those most in need.

Cheryl Tate


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