We're all different shades of brown

Posted8/15/2016 1:00 AM

I'm compelled. I have to say it: All lives matter!

We are all created equal and we are one race, the human race. Unfortunately, racism has been created and appropriated by man. On the inside we are all the same -- all humans have red blood, a heart, arteries, bones, muscles, brains, veins, etc.


The wonderful reality is that, "God sees not as man sees, for man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart," (I Sam 16:7) which is the center of our character and being.

It is not just an issue of being white or black; although people are judged by the brown pigment in their skin, we are all shades of brown. My grandchildren are a beautiful shade of light brown, their parents ashen white and dark brown. As Martin Luther King indicated in his famous speech, how wrong it is to judge peoples' character and actions by the color of their skin.

Therefore, it has always saddened me when humans are classified by their ancestry, culture or country of origin. Why don't we say Swedish-Americans-that's me, Indian-Americans, Chinese-Americans, Korean-Americans, Bolivian-Americans, South American-Americans, etc.? Why do we classify shades of brown as African-Americans and make color an issue?

We are all Americans -- one human race; all different shades of brown.

Marge Hamberg


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