Specter of Route 53 stymies creative solutions

Posted6/4/2016 1:00 AM

Innovative traffic congestion solutions in Lake County are being held hostage to an outdated, unaffordable and environmentally devastating Route 53/120 extension plan.

One has to wonder what it will ultimately take to finally bury the Route 53/120 plan.


The most recent withdrawal of support occurred a couple weeks ago when Lake County Board Chairman Aaron Lawlor withdrew his support stating the financial and political realities of the extension have become insurmountable.

The Route 53 extension may have been a good concept when originally conceived over 50 years ago. However, much has changed in the county in the meantime.

The time has come to sunset the Route 53 project in its entirety, decommission the right of way for alternative use and get about the business of widening/improving existing roads.

Until this occurs the specter of Route 53 will hang over Lake County stifling all other innovative and creative traffic congestion solutions.

Kevin Gow

Hawthorn Woods

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