Wisdom and youth create radio magic

By William Geheren
Huntley Community Radio
Updated 5/23/2016 10:02 AM
  • Host and producer Curtis Koch leads the talk on Huntley Community Radio's Sports Roundup, with Chris Cunningham, Sammy "Geezer" Geati and Gary Krewer.

    Host and producer Curtis Koch leads the talk on Huntley Community Radio's Sports Roundup, with Chris Cunningham, Sammy "Geezer" Geati and Gary Krewer. Courtesy of Huntley Community Radio

I consider myself a sports enthusiast and believe there is nothing more entertaining than sports talk radio.

Whether your team is winning or losing, sports always creates something to talk about.

Growing up, I used to listen to baseball games overnight on the radio and really enjoyed the postgame analysis. After moving from Minnesota (The Motherland) in 1998, sports talk radio (along with Chicago pizza) quickly became one of my favorite things about The Second City.

My initial exposure was to 670 The Score and ESPN Radio 1000. Each station had very entertaining hosts that were usually extremely frustrated with their hometown teams, with the exception of the Bulls at that time.

My favorite sports radio ever was former Chicago Bear greats Doug Buffone (good old number 55) and Ed O'Bradovich (good old number 87). I especially enjoyed their passion after a Bears loss.

Buffone unexpectedly passed away in 2015 and for those who were fans, it was a huge loss.

Since then, I have been hunting for sports talk that brought the knowledge, wisdom, humor and especially the passion to make a great show. Too many stations mix and match hosts to draw ratings and never achieve chemistry on the air.

Two years ago, I found it and it was right under my nose.

Huntley Community Radio Sports Roundup is one of the most entertaining sports programs I have ever heard. The reason is the chemistry in the station. You have the organizer, the board master, the sports knowledge savant Curtis Koch steering the ship. This junior in college is a Cubs fan, a Hawks fan, a Bears fan and a Bulls fan and can answer any question anyone sends his way.

Chris Cunningham knows more about which team should draft which NFL player, you would swear he is on some NFL team's payroll. He loves the Mighty Whities and all Chicago teams (except the Cubs). He, too, is a college student and knowledgeable way beyond his years.

This is where the show gets really interesting. You also have Sammy "Geezer" Geati who can confirm or deny anything that Curtis or Chris say, because he was probably there and also knows about all local sports including Sun City sports.

Finally, throw in Gary Krewer who likes the Dodgers and Packers. Sammy and Gary are more like Harvey Korman and Tim Conway. They are hilarious.

The chemistry is amazing. The show is absolutely entertaining from the first minute until the last. If you get a chance to tune in, check them out on huntleyradio.com or 101.5 FM. Check out the website to see the most updated schedule or at facebook.com/sportsroundup.