City stickers save glimpses of time

Posted5/9/2016 6:00 AM
  • City stickers have been a part of Chicago motoring heritage for decades.

    City stickers have been a part of Chicago motoring heritage for decades.

City stickers have been a part of Chicago motoring heritage for decades. Area classic car owners often leave vintage examples affixed to their vehicles' windshields. Just like those rolling cruisers, the decals are colorful, vibrant and often provide a reminiscent glimpse of years gone by. Here's a sampling I spied that were stuck on a few local rides.

Norridge 1966: Space was all the rage in the 1960s and the city of Norridge went with an out-of-this-world design for its '66 sticker.

Chicago 1986: Chicago was coming off a sports high. Led by coach Mike Ditka, the Bears charged to Super Bowl victory in '85. The next year's decal celebrated that victory, prominently featuring several area sports teams' players, but with Bears running back Walter Payton front and center.

Chicago 1972: This year's sticker featured the pair of iconic four-legged guardians, standing watch outside of the Art Institute of Chicago. The 2-ton lions have been part of the Michigan Avenue scene since 1893 and were cast in Chicago.

Chicago 1962: Chicago had enjoyed the title of "Convention Capitol of the World" since 1933 and for 1962 the city didn't see any change. The gigantic McCormick Place convention center had been open for two years, and it continues to host numerous events, including the Chicago Auto Show.

Chicago 1971: This year held big news for "The New McCormick Place" convention center. After a massive fire in 1967 destroyed the exposition hall, work was finally complete on the replacement building, which was ready to be reopened. It would later be called the East Building and is now called the Lakeside Center.

Chicago 1967: The '67 decal featured one of the city's arguably best features: its beachside lakefront. What once was marshy lowlands was turned into beautiful sandy shores. Just as in the 1960s, it still attracts area residents and out-of-town guests to take in its splendor.

Chicago 1968: Chicago is city of learning and a great place to discover something new is the Field Museum. The '68 sticker showcased the iconic landmark and its Greek-inspired architecture and columns.

Chicago 1978: This '78 sticker featured a picturesque lakeside view of Navy Pier and the city's can-do motto of "I will." It also featured the signature of Mayor Michael Bilandic, who would shortly lose his position as a result his poor handling of the "Blizzard of 1979" in January.

Chicago 1964: Chicago had recently won the "Cleanest Big City Award in America" and, rightly so, it was emblazoned on the '64 decal.

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