College of DuPage severance controversy lives on in statewide proposals

  • Robert Breuder

    Robert Breuder

Updated 4/14/2016 6:13 PM

The Illinois Senate approved three new proposals Thursday aimed at community colleges and inspired by former College of DuPage President Robert Breuder's 2015 severance package.

Breuder received the $763,000 deal more than a year ago, though he and the college are in litigation over it.


Thursday's proposals would:

• Keep bonuses and other perks like country club memberships from counting toward the calculation of an administrator's pension.

• Require community college trustees to go through professional training.

• Require a "peer audit" of college finances and operations every five years.

Not everyone was on board.

State Sen. Dale Righter, a Mattoon Republican, said community college trustees across Illinois shouldn't face more requirements just because College of DuPage made controversial decisions.

"We're going to do that because of the conduct of largely one institution in this state," he said.

In the end, the Senate sent all three proposals to the House for further consideration.

"Yes, one community college ... got it wrong. I think this bill will help ensure that that doesn't happen in the future at other community colleges," state Sen. Bill Cunningham, a Chicago Democrat, said.

The House could consider the ideas in the coming weeks.

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