Some remarks from Dist. 41 staff about the board

Posted3/9/2016 1:00 AM

Some staff members chastised the Glen Ellyn Elementary District 41 school board in an anonymous survey. Here's a snapshot of what some had to say in their written comments:

• "I understand the superintendent's vision but it is difficult to understand the board's goals and plans since much of their time to together is monopolized by two members who are only trying to slow down any progress the superintendent or administration is trying to make."


• "If I could change one thing, it would be to elevate the civility of our board meetings. I would like to be able to bring my students into a board meeting during which the members debate about important and sensitive issues. And then I would like to be able to turn to my students and say, 'this is how we disagree respectfully.'"

• "I would like all school board members to act appropriately during meetings, listen and learn from education experts, and come to meetings without personal agendas."

• "Stop (Kurt) Buchholz's and (Stephanie) Clark's behavior during Board meetings. It is embarrassing."

• "Stop the school board meetings from getting out of control and bullying each other and staff members. The school board should support it employees and respect them. School board members should be about teaching students instead of have (sic) there (sic) own agenda and trying to make a name for themselves."

• "I love the teamwork that D41 encourages. I feel like the board president genuinely cares for the students and the direction of the district. I think for the most part, we have a great administrative team that supports our staff."

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• "I would like to see the board act more professional and stop allowing the negativity of some. There are ways to respectfully disagree with one another without the 'venom' that 1 or 2 board members quite often show. And the reason that I chose 'Fair' and not 'Poor' for the overall perception of the board is because I feel that there still are a few members that want the best for the students, staff and community."

• "The new members have not been a positive addition."

• "The board's treatment of staff in public meetings, as well as themselves at times, is not appropriate. Their actions are embarrassing!"

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