It just gets worse on registration renewals

Posted1/11/2016 1:00 AM

First, I would like to thank Marni Pyke, transportation writer, for adding a reminder that the state is no longer reminding drivers to renew their vehicle stickers.

Obviously, I fell into the category of drivers that wait to be reminded by mail to buy the car sticker. I am now in violation of not renewing my sticker.


This prompted me to action and go online to seek information on how to renew the car sticker. This issue just gets worse.

Attention to drivers in my category: FYI, if you do not get the renewal notice, you do not get the required ID number that is needed to renew them.

You are forced to call the secretary of state's 800 number, wait on the phone to get a real person to receive your number so that you can go quickly to a local currency exchange, not the local secretary of state's branch and wait in line to purchase your car sticker.

The state, in their infinite wisdom, is saving $450,000 a month for mailing these out to citizens. But, did they know that these renewal notices have vital information printed in the upper right hand corner needed to renew the stickers? Of course not! They are sly foxes.

Not only are they saving $450,000, they are going to gain fines given car owners for expired stickers.

Bravo, Gov. Rauner and legislature, for once again sticking it to Illinois residents. Maybe we should fine you $1 million each day you do not pass the state budget.

Becky Diacou


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