INfrequently asked questions: Hairstylist says 'people are starting to step out of the box'

  • Christy Bruski

    Christy Bruski Courtesy of Christy Bruski

  • Christy Bruski works on the hair of a model.

    Christy Bruski works on the hair of a model. Courtesy of Christy Bruski

Updated 11/28/2015 12:40 PM

This week's INfrequently Asked Questions talks to Christy Bruski, a 32-year-old hairstylist, coach and trainer at Spa Bleu in West Dundee.

Q: What is a normal day like in the salon?


A: "I work three days behind the chair. I also train (new hires and advanced stylists) once a week. I don't specialize, so I do everything -- haircutting, color, men's cutting. I'm certified in Great Lengths hair extensions and So Cap extensions."

Q: What's your favorite thing to do? A: "Color is my passion. However, I don't think I can color all day long. I love that I can customize my cuts and my colors together. I would have a hard time, I think, if I did specialize in just coloring and would then send my guest off to go get a haircut. Being that I don't specialize, you get to customize your guest from start to finish. I also love men's cutting."

Q: Why men's cutting in particular?

A: "Men's cutting in this day and age is just getting more trendy. Men's haircutting is not easy, but I love seeing men in trendy salons, upscale salons. ... It's important in society to have men and women be well manicured. I don't think it's just for women, and I love seeing men enter a salon confidently."

Q: What's the unusual hairstyle you've ever styled?

A: "Trends have changed since I started doing hair, and I think as trends change, people are starting to step out of the box. I've done graphics in men's hair. I drew a picture in a hairstyle before. As far as cuts and color, I've done blues, pinks, purples, orange, yellow. With haircutting, I love seeing women come in more confident. I just had a woman come in with hair down to her waist, and she brought a picture of a very trendy haircut with the side of her head shaved. I did it, and she loved it, and she was super happy. It's just about taking that step."

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Q: Do you get a lot of frequent customers?

A: "I definitely have a huge regular clientele that I see, but I do see new faces every now and again."

Q: What is your relationship like with those longtime clients?

A: "I know them personally, and their kids. I've been with them along divorces and marriages and deaths in the family. I've gone to see my clients' kids in dance competitions, and I've gone to high school graduations. It differs because my client base is so different, but I think for the most part, there's a close relationship because of trust."

Q: What is your worst customer experience?

A: "I would definitely say an experience with a husband furious that his wife changed her hair. It was a woman I did who absolutely loved her hair, but then her husband called shortly after she got home and was yelling at me and my manager. I really just put a lowlight in -- she was super blonde, so she just went a little bit darker -- and cut bangs. He wasn't too happy with that change."

Q: What do you like most about your job?

A: "Because I'm so creative, I've been able to bring my artistic talent and my creativity and have a career full of many opportunities. My favorite thing, though, is that I truly love people, and I love when I'm able to make them see beauty in a different way."

Q: Who do you let do your hair?

A: "Most of the time, it's been my co-worker. We might come in on a day off and return the favor for each other. Definitely someone that has been there for quite some time, because you build up a relationship with them."

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