A look at medical marijuana in Illinois' neighbor states

Updated 10/29/2015 2:01 PM

CHICAGO -- Illinois isn't the first state in the Midwest to allow medical marijuana. Minnesota and Michigan have active cannabis programs for patients, while other nearby states are considering legislation. Some states allow children with seizures to be treated with cannabidiol oil, or CBD, a marijuana extract.

Here's a look at where Illinois' neighbor states stand:


- Wisconsin: Allows possession of non-psychoactive CBD oil to treat seizure disorder. Legislation to allow adults to use marijuana for recreational or medical reasons has been introduced, but it is unlikely to pass the Republican-controlled Legislature.

- Iowa: Allows CBD oil for intractable epilepsy, which causes seizures. The Legislature considered but did not pass a comprehensive medical marijuana measure this year.

- Missouri: Allows CBD oil for intractable epilepsy. Medical marijuana supporters have filed initiative petitions seeking a popular vote.

- Indiana: Bills to allow medical marijuana have been introduced in recent years but haven't gone far.

- Kentucky: Allows research with CBD products. Medical marijuana bills have been introduced, but haven't been approved.

- Michigan: Voters approved medical marijuana in 2008. Patients can grow their own marijuana or designate a caregiver to grow it for them.

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- Minnesota: Law enacted in 2014 allows non-smokable medical marijuana. Pills, oils and vapors are available to patients suffering from severe conditions, such as cancer, epilepsy, HIV and AIDS.


SOURCES: National Conference of State Legislatures, Marijuana Policy Project, Associated Press reporting.

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