Russell broke vow in announcing case

Posted7/31/2015 12:01 AM

I awoke the morning of July 25 to find my name splashed across news media about something I really have little to do with.

Months ago I approached Kane County Coroner Rob Russell about a case I am very familiar wherein the previous coroner's investigation led to a determination of death that I firmly hold is not accurate. I asked Mr. Russell, in strict confidence, if he would review the case and consider amending the cause of death if he found it to be different from the "undetermined" certification. Mr. Russell's promises of confidentiality were not kept.


I read that an investigation is underway. This implies much needs to be done to review this case when actually only three things need to be done. The file needs to be located, dusted off. and most important, the file needs to be read. That shouldn't be difficult.

The case involves a situation wherein someone jammed huge amounts of cocaine into a feeding tube of a woman who did not have use of her hands, could not do this act herself, nor offer any resistance. That amounts to a homicide, but this case was certified as an "undetermined" cause of death, which I have never believed was an accurate determination. Despite my efforts over many years, I could never find if there was an insurance policy on the deceased.

Is my safety at risk now that Mr. Russell has revealed that I have brought this case forward? I am stunned and shocked that he used my name without providing me with an opportunity to object. If he uses this case to justify recklessly overspending beyond his budget, the citizens of Kane County should know this investigation should cost precious little if conducted by someone who knows what they are doing.

Dr. Bob Tiballi



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