Short & Sweet critic Sharon Kuhn reviews Kinky Boots with Diana Martinez of Broadway in Chicago

Provided by Broadway in Chicago; Video Produced by Tribeca Flashpoint Academy
Posted7/11/2015 1:00 AM

Short and Sweet critic Sharon Kuhn of Wheeling shares her impressions of the show Kinky Boots with Diana Martinez of Broadway in Chicago. According to Kuhn, the show was "absolutely fantastic." She points to the storyline, characters and colorful costumes as reasons why the show was so successful. One character in particular stood out from the rest -- as Kuhn puts it, "Lola was spectacular -- she's that person that everyone wants to be -- that outgoing person with a big heart." Watch the video to hear Kuhn discuss the show from her perspective as an audience member.

See below for a review by Diana Martinez of Broadway in Chicago:


Kinky Boots!

If shoes make the man, then kinky boots make the woman! The national tour of the Tony Award-winning Kinky Boots opened in Chicago last night at the Cadillac Palace Theatre to a very enthusiastic audience.

The show is based on a 2005 British film that inspired by the true story of Steve Patemen who saved his family shoe business in 1979. His dad's factory was going under, but rather than give up on the business the 43-year-old took a very alternative route to save his livelihood. He started making "Kinky looking, stiletto-heeled boots" for transvestites.

This Broadway hit is written by Tony-winner Harvey Fierstein and composed by Grammy and Tony-winner Cyndi Lauper and they couldn't be a more outrageous pair to bring this zany story to life on stage. Their brilliant wit and outlandish taste makes them the perfect fit for Kinky Boots.

The story is really focused on two very different characters. The reluctant, shy Charlie, who is the heir to the family shoe business, forming a partnership with his newfound friend, drag queen Lola, who is an over-the-top, sarcastic bundle of energy and humor. What is so unexpected is the heartfelt message of acceptance that laces up this show. The idea of accepting your fate and challenges, but more importantly, accepting yourself and accepting others makes for the true inspiration behind the story.

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I must warn you; this show makes you want a pair of fancy boots or a beautiful new pair of shoes. After all, there really is something about a great pair of shoes that makes you stand tall and feel good and this high energy show does just that. The opening night audience sprung to their feet for a standing ovation and embraced the show with open hearts and enthusiasm.

This wild and funny musical is in Chicago through July 26that the Cadillac Palace Theatre. Kinky Boots runs about 2 hours and 20 minutes with an intermission and is suitable for families. So put on your favorite fancy pair of shoes and strut your stuff to the theatre for a fun and outrageous evening with the cast of Kinky Boots.

On behalf of the Daily Herald, and Broadway in Chicago, I'm Diana Martinez, thanks for reading and I look forward to seeing you at the theatre!

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