Endorsement: Heffernan for Lily Lake village president

The Daily Herald Editorial Board
Posted3/3/2015 1:00 AM

Two candidates are squaring off in the race for village president in Lily Lake.

We endorse incumbent Jesse Heffernan over challenger Mike Carlson.


While both clearly have a passion for the community and strong local ties, Heffernan's experience from her last eight years in office give her a strong advantage.

Both candidates acknowledge that the village faces some challenges, including the closing one of its main sources of income, the local gas station. But both agree there isn't much they can do from a village standpoint until current lease agreements end.

Carlson voices concerns over transparency in regard to finances, but Heffernan says all the information is available to anyone who asks and so far, no one has.

Given the current stability in the village's finances despite its loss of revenue, we feel confident in Heffernan's leadership and work ethic and recommend she remain at the helm.

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