Christine Murphy of Palatine shares her perspective on Broadway in Chicago's Amazing Grace with host, Diana Martinez

Provided By Diana Martinez of Broadway in Chicago; Video produced by Tribeca Flashpoint Academy
Posted10/28/2014 1:01 AM

Christine Murphy of Palatine discusses her perspective on Broadway in Chicago's new musical, Amazing Grace. Murphy was immediately drawn into the performance, finding it to be highly emotional: "A tear came to my eye more than one time."

See below for a review by Diana Martinez of Broadway in Chicago:


I had the pleasure of seeing Amazing Grace with audience critic Christine Murphy and her husband at the world premiere at Broadway in Chicago's Bank of America Theatre. The opening night audience was fully engaged by this powerhouse ensemble that unveils the inspiration to one of the world's most beloved songs "Amazing Grace". The song often associated as an African American spiritual was actually written by a man who was raised to be a slave trader and here is where the epic story begins…

It isn't often that an audience critic is as articulate and concise as Christine, so I wanted to share with you, her account verbatim of the world premiere...

The audience's response to the production of Amazing Grace was filled with laughter, tears and moments of surprise and enchantment. The powerful voices of the actors evoked emotional responses as they portrayed the character's struggles with forgiveness, redemption and reconciliation. The creative set design was both simple and elegant in how it transformed the stage to another era. The sails of the ship being hoisted as the actors pulled on the riggings and the tall masts built on the outskirts of the stage brought the audience into the action. The audience was treated to a surreal underwater rescue, which was nothing short of spectacular and kept us holding our breath. I appreciated the lavish period costumes worn by both the men and women with rich brocade fabrics, ornate gold trim and rows of shiny brass buttons. This show will not disappoint theatregoers and it deserves to have a long, successful run for Broadway in Chicago… Christine Murphy

Amazing Grace is superbly cast with Broadway pros that deliver gravitas to the score. Josh Young (John Newton) is riveting to listen to as he powerfully belts out his ballads. Chuck Cooper is an impeccable actor and brings a haunting sincerity and depth in his complex portrayal of a slave who dedicates his life to raising a boy that becomes a slave trader.

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There was not a dry eye in the house at the gorgeous a cappella finale of 34 voices singing the hymn we all know and love so well; trust me - you have never heard it sung like this.

Amazing Grace

• Best appreciated by ages 13 and up

• Playing at: Bank of America Theatre

• Dates: Now playing - November 02, 2014

• Runtime: Two and a half hours with a 20 minute intermission

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