Endorsement: Yes to electrical aggregation in Maine Township, Des Plaines

The Daily Herald Editorial Board
Posted10/16/2014 1:01 AM

Because of the combination of rising prices generally for electrical energy and a rate structure allowing ComEd to become more competitive, so-called electrical aggregation isn't quite the slam dunk it was a few years ago when communities first gained authority to contract with alternative energy suppliers on behalf of their residents and rates were well below what ComEd could offer. Indeed, one aggregating community, Mount Prospect, notified residents this week that, for now, they might be better off contracting directly with ComEd than by sticking with the village's supplier. But that doesn't diminish the basic value of the system, which is under consideration for voters this November in separate issues for Maine Township and Des Plaines. It's still an attractive opportunity for a community to negotiate electricity rates that can save its residents hundreds of dollars. Regardless of who supplies the electricity, ComEd continues to deliver it, so residents, who can opt out of the program if they wish, can concentrate on managing the cost of the energy they use. It's a smart idea that simply adds to the alternatives available to consumers to help control their electricity costs. We recommend voters in Maine Township and in Des Plaines vote yes and open up the potential for savings.

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