Endorsement: Morrison for House Dist. 54

the Daily Herald Editorial Board
Posted10/14/2014 1:01 AM

Republican Tom Morrison is a staunchly conservative lawmaker who has represented the Palatine-area House District 54 since his first election in November 2010. His most far-reaching piece of legislation is a bill calling for the transition of public pensions to 401(k) investments that is not likely to go anywhere so long as Democrats control the legislature, but it anticipates and advances the debate over one of the state's most pressing issues, and it demonstrates a candidate who is actively trying to solve problems. More important than his proposal, though, is Morrison's willingness to discuss it and other proposed solutions without either taking offense from or offending those who bitterly reject the idea. He is, in short, a hardworking legislator who is willing to listen and to cooperate to get things accomplished.

He faces a particularly interesting challenge. Democrat Laddi Singh is a small-business owner making her first foray into politics. She is extremely well-versed about issues facing the state and articulate in expressing her ideas for addressing them. She, too, appears open to frank discussion and independent in her thinking.


Morrison has the edge on her, though, in experience. He provides some important ideological balance in the legislature and his ideas, although somewhat more conservative than our own, are tempered by his earnest willingness to thoughtfully discuss all issues. He is endorsed.

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