Endorsements: Martin, Kojzarek, Auger for Kane County Board

Posted10/14/2014 1:01 AM

Kane County Board

District 11: Martin


Residents in Kane County's District 11 will get new representation because Mike Donahue is sticking to a self-imposed term limit and stepping down. He hand-picked fellow Republican John Martin to replace him. Martin, an attorney, is opposed by Democrat Martha Hanna. She might be construed as an out-of-the box thinker, but she doesn't embrace the vision for the redevelopment of Settler's Hill that Donahue made a centerpiece of his time in office. It's that vision that led voters to support Donahue over Hanna two years ago. Martin, who says the redevelopment could be an economic boost to the area, embraces the concept plan for the site, and we think voters should embrace him.

District 19: Kojzarek

The Kane County Board District 19 race is a rematch from two years ago between Republican incumbent Kurt Kojzarek and Democrat Hidayat Khan, who is even more absent from the race than he was two years ago when he also shunned all the Daily Herald's attempts to question him on the issues. It seems a stretch to think he would be answerable to residents if elected to office. Kojzarek has proved to be a calming, moderate voice on the board the last two years. He says the board is moving in a positive direction and functioning better. He believes in being fiscally conservative and responsive to his constituents. He is heartily endorsed.

District 23: Auger

Voters in Kane County Board District 23 are in a win-win situation with two of the more well-versed and contemplative candidates in incumbent Republican Maggie Auger and Democrat Kevin Smith. Smith, a carpenter from Carpentersville, who says he prefers "a common man approach with a common-sense approach," feels the north end of the county has been largely ignored when it comes to infrastructure and transportation upgrades. He takes the commuter-friendly view that the Longmeadow Parkway should not be funded by tolls. Auger, an attorney from Algonquin, is one of the staunchest promoters of the parkway even to the point of supporting tolls if necessary. Both candidates favor the bridge; they just have different visions. Smith's approach might be more commuter-friendly, but it could be a roadblock to the bridge becoming a reality. Auger, who voted for a flat property tax levy the last three years, seems to work well with others and hasn't been afraid to vote for what she thinks is right even if it puts her in Chairman Chris Lauzen's doghouse. That individual courage is sometimes in short supply in county politics. Smith would be a solid choice, but we give Auger a slight edge. She is endorsed.

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