Endorsements: Foster for Congress, Dist. 11

  • Democratic Congressman Bill Foster

    Democratic Congressman Bill Foster

The Daily Herald Editorial Board
Posted10/10/2014 1:01 AM

Ask Bill Foster how he's viewed among his Congressional colleagues and he says he's looked at as the "science guy." No matter the issue, he says, there's usually a technological component or problem that Foster, a physicist, can potentially help explain or find a solution to. But his expertise goes beyond just the technological issues; he takes the time to study issues and, he says, read all the bills.

It's apparent when you speak with Foster, 59, of Naperville, that he is knowledgeable on a variety of issues and is well-suited to represent the 11th Congressional District for a second term. He earns our endorsement in the Nov. 4 election.


Republican Darlene Senger, 59 and a state representative from Naperville, is a viable candidate. We have supported her in the past. But she does not make a strong case for replacing Foster or explaining how she could be a better representative for this particular district.

Foster is a proponent of comprehensive immigration reform, which he says is very important to the large minority population in his district. He is critical of the House Republican leadership for stalling on the issue. He's also critical of the numerous GOP attempts to repeal the Affordable Care Act instead of making changes he says would strengthen and improve it. Foster has a strong pro-business approach and says comprehensive tax reform is overdue. He also calls for better funding in research and development, including at Argonne and Fermi national laboratories, which he says would create jobs and directly benefit the 11th District.

These are the issues he was elected on two years ago when he won 60 percent of the vote and it's clear in this district that's the direction a majority of voters want to go.

In addition, Foster has taken on another issue close to home -- the epidemic of heroin abuse. He has held a number of meetings to raise awareness of the problem while also introducing legislation to address the problem.

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