Police official accused of threatening man sued

Associated Press
Updated 9/10/2014 8:29 AM

A man whose accusation of brutality prompted the suspension of a Chicago Police Department commander has filed a lawsuit Tuesday against the official and the city of Chicago.

Rickey Williams contends former Glenn Evans used unreasonable and excessive force during a January 2013 arrest following and malicious prosecution. Williams claims Evans jammed his gun in his mouth while a Taser was held to his groin while demanding the location of a gun the suspect allegedly discarded during a foot chase.


Williams filed a complaint, a swab was taken from Evans' gun and the state police lab determined DNA from the 22-year-old man was on the weapon.

The 52-year-old Evans last month was stripped of his police powers and relieved of his service weapon after being charged with aggravated battery and official misconduct.

Attorney Antonio Romanucci said the lawsuit is aimed at stopping the abuses, the misconduct and the aggressiveness of the Chicago Police Department.

After a public appearance Tuesday, Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy did not make himself available to answer questions about the lawsuit.

In the past, McCarthy, who promoted Evans in 2012, has praised his policing. However, after the charges were filed against Evans, McCarthy issued a statement saying if the alleged actions are true they are "unacceptable."

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