COD president should be commended

Posted8/9/2014 5:01 AM

I retired from College of DuPage 20 years ago after having the honor of serving as president for 16 years. During my tenure, the college's board and administration worked to have several million dollars that had been allocated but not released made available so we might proceed to build the library/administrative building. Gov. Jim Thompson listened to our requests and those of the legislators in our district and released the funds. It was money that had been set aside for the college, and it was only fair that it be used as needed. It saved the college from having to use local tax funds, which is as it should have been.

The board urged me to act diligently to achieve this goal. I think that Dr. Robert Breuder's effort to get $20 million released that had been line-itemed in the state capital budget for the college since 2010 is commendable. The money has been designated for the replacement of temporary buildings and should have been released as far back as 2002.


Whereas the presidents have changed, the need hasn't. Placing more burden on local taxpayers is wrong. State government now led by Gov. Pat Quinn should honor its commitments.

Dr. Breuder's efforts to have the money released are a major part of his job to help the college provide proper facilities to serve students. All one has to do is visit the campus to see that the board and administration are working diligently to accomplish that end. It is a beautiful campus. In the last few years, many of the original buildings have been renovated or demolished and much needed new buildings (and programs) have been added. As a past president, I want to commend the recent boards and Dr. Breuder on their vision and accomplishments.

Harold D. McAninch


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