New logo reflects Batavia Park District's mission

  • The new Batavia Park District logo reflects the district's mission to be fun and innovative.

    The new Batavia Park District logo reflects the district's mission to be fun and innovative. Courtesy of Batavia Park District

Submitted by Kari Felkamp, Batavia Park District
Updated 8/8/2014 1:43 PM

A logo is a company's brand. Its identity. A visual representation of a company's story. In the case of the Batavia Park District, the logo was in need of an update.

"The park district has grown and evolved since the last logo was created in 1989 so it was time for a healthy change," said Executive Director Allison Niemela.


"We wanted to change our look on the outside to reflect the progress we've made on the inside."

Several years ago, the Batavia Park District rolled out a Strategic Master Plan, essentially a road map for the future of the district. One key component to the Master Plan was the development of a new identity.

"With the implementation of the new strategic master plan, we have been challenging ourselves with the tough questions: What do we value? What do we want to communicate?" said Niemela. "In the end, we wanted a visual identity that reflected those beliefs."

At the July Park Board meeting, staff officially unveiled the district's new look. The new logo aligns with the new mission statement to be fun and innovative. Colors are bold and vibrant, and the "pin wheel" icon represents forward movement. It also pays tribute to the "City of Energy" and Batavia's deep history of windmills.

The four colors within the logo -- blue, green, purple and yellow -- each pays tribute to a different element of the district. Blue is associated with depth and stability and represents the Hall Quarry Beach and the Fox River.

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Green is associated with growth and freshness and pays tribute to the district's 40 parks and mission to maintain open space.

Yellow is associated with joy and happiness and represents sunshine and positive energy. And purple is associated with creativity and knowledge and represents the district's programming portfolio.

The district's tagline, "Your fun is our business," will also be included in certain versions of the new logo.

"The new logo translates the personality of the district and captures the spirit and essence of the Batavia community and our mission statement," said Niemela. "We have refreshed our logo to reflect who we are today and to symbolize our dynamic future."

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