Change the law to end immigration abuse

Posted7/28/2014 12:55 PM

There's been a good deal of posturing on all sides about what to do with the children here illegally from Central America, and the president has asked for the enormous sum of $3.7 billion to address the issue, but few are focused on taking the one step that will slow the flood of these children down to a trickle.

The current logjam is caused by a 2008 law passed unanimously in the House and with only three dissenting votes in the Senate that was a reaction to some cases of sex trafficking of children from Central America. That law intended to give refuge only to these children (not others coming in from Mexico or Canada who could be immediately deported) while a somewhat cumbersome legal hearings proceeded on whether to allow them to remain here. This well-intentioned law, however, has been abused by cynical coyotes able to convince naive relatives that a path is now open to get their children to the U.S. where they will be allowed to remain.

We should certainly do what the law requires, no matter what the cost, for the children who are already here. But we should also change that law to eliminate this abuse of it and allow immediate repatriation of such children who illegally cross the border.

Bob Foys


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