Are voters willing to take back Illinois?

Posted6/19/2014 1:01 AM

Although we are a country that prides itself on a government elected by the people, evidence continues to mount that the electorate is considered unable to rule itself, without the direct hand of Michael Madigan.

Two events are unfolding which underlie this fact:

1) Mr. Madigan and his friends have prevailed on the State Board of Elections to, so far, halt the acceptance of legally authorized voters registration (sounds like something publicized during the '50s and '60s in the southern U.S.)

2) Most people are aware that as soon as the elections are over, the state of Illinois will be supporting increased taxation.

The politicians noticed that the citizens did not want a return to the tax that was to expire; so they avoided being seen as being in favor of the continued tax. The elected officials are not statesman enough to promise that if they get defeated, they will not vote for what amounts to a tax increase during the lame duck session.

It seems to me that both points bring us back to whether we are willing to take back our government. If we cannot control our right and ability to vote, then are we rally an elected democracy?

Mike Klestinski