Wal-Mart move a terrible idea

Posted6/15/2014 12:01 AM

Wal-Mart move a terrible idea

I read with interest the Daily Herald's article concerning Wal-Mart moving to Carpentersville. This is a disastrous idea for Carpentersville. A Wal-Mart Super Center in that location on the east side of the village would have devastating repercussions on other existing businesses in the area.

Wal-Mart is notorious for their low pay, dead end jobs. Regardless of their ad campaign that tries to tell the public they offer a ladder for advancement; that simply is not backed up by facts.

Their "everyday low prices" come with a huge price tag for the community and surrounding businesses that they kill. Any sales tax that would come from the Wal-Mart would be offset by the loss of good paying jobs in the area and the loss of existing businesses, i.e. The Fresh Market and Walgreens' to just name a couple that would be negatively impacted by a Wal-Mart next door. Other businesses also would be affected by this Wal-Mart move, such as Ace Hardware and the auto parts stores in the area,

Contrary to their hype, Wal-Mart does not create new businesses, or economic development, they only kill existing businesses. On top of this, Wal-Mart wants to use all of the TIF money for their project. That is a terrible idea.

Wal-Mart was trying to make a move to West Dundee a few years ago and that idea did not fly because of the outcry from the neighbors in the area where the store wanted to relocate.

One more bit of advice; it's never a good idea to try to steal a business from one of your neighbors. Communities need to work together to foster real economic development. Leave Wal-Mart in East Dundee. Carpentersville should be trying to help their existing businesses, not put them out of business.

Bill Sarto


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