Establish legal consequences for bullies

Posted5/22/2014 5:01 AM

How many lives have been ruined by bullying? A mere punishment of wearing a sign claiming "I am a bully" for five hours on a street corner is trivial ("I am a bully' sign-holder calls sentence unfair," Daily Herald, April 13). Edmond Aviv claims it has ruined his life. His claim does not come close to the punishment many endure from bullying.

The effects of bullying have been devastating. Victims have become violent, suicidal, destructive and have had mental breakdowns. They become the cast-outs and loners.

Maybe the laws that cover discrimination should add victims of bullying to protect their rights. No one should have to live in a hostile environment at home, at work or in school.

With a possibility of legal recourse, warnings could be put in place to curb the bullying before the casualties occur.

Arlene Lukas

Arlington Heights

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