Money sent, will keep politicians in office

Posted5/19/2014 5:01 AM

I couldn't develop any interest in the primaries, and so far I feel the same about the general election. From now until November, we'll hear lots more from candidates. They'll be avoiding pointed questions, misrepresenting the truth about opponents and trying to convince us voters that our interests come before the interests of the big-money benefactors.

Let's face it. Some, who will be elected, would be capable of fixing a number of the state's problems, but they won't or can't. Why? Because the money that puts politicians in office and keeps them there, is powerful enough to prevent and/or control efforts and results. That's why they're spending millions of dollars.


The reality is there are two big, lard-filled, greasy, disgusting pigs in Springfield. One is "the deficit" and the other is "the budget." Each party has makeup artists (called legislators). Their job is to first disguise the pigs with lots of lipstick, illicit deals, incomprehensible arithmetic and empty promises. And second, sweet talk us voters into believing that they got rid of the nasty pigs and in their places they show us illusory gourmet cuts of bacon, ham and pork chops. But, alas, it's only political smoke and mirrors, folks.

Unfortunately, who we vote for isn't going to make much of a difference because we voters really have very little power here in the Land of Lincoln. Nothing will be solved, regardless of who's in office, unless it either benefits those who have bought and paid for our state government -- or we change the way campaigns and politicians are funded and supported, so they can once again represent the people. To paraphrase Will Rogers, "Illinois voters have come to feel the same when the legislature is in session as when the baby gets hold of a hammer."

Len Brauer


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