Bill would make using fake name on degree illegal

Associated Press
Updated 5/14/2014 4:03 PM

SPRINGFIELD -- Legislation is headed to the Illinois Senate that would make it illegal to use a degree obtained under a false name or other false pretenses to get a job or get into an advanced degree program.

The bill doesn't name former Symbionese Liberation Army member and current University of Illinois instructor James Kilgore. But the false-name provision speaks to his situation. Kilgore earned a doctoral degree in South Africa under a name taken from a deceased child.

Kilgore was fleeing prosecution for a 1975 bank robbery in California that led to the death of a housewife. He was later convicted of second-degree murder and served a prison sentence.

Sen. Chapin Rose has been critical of Kilgore's employment. According to The News-Gazette, he added the false-name amendment.

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