Boston: Runner going back to reflect on the good

Posted4/15/2014 5:01 AM

I have always been a runner. Running calms me; it is my meditation. The Boston Marathon is a runner's dream, our World Series, Super Bowl, Stanley Cup, Olympics. The city and surrounding areas open their hearts and support to thousands of like-minded individuals from around the world.

I had finished my fourth Boston Marathon about 20 minutes before the first bomb went off. What was supposed to be a joyous occasion turned into an event that has forever changed me. My husband and I walked/ran back to our hotel in South Boston as the eerie sound of sirens descended upon the city. We were not positive as to what had happened but had an idea. Others like us who were trying to get their destination had a look of disbelief and panic on their faces.

It was not until we arrived at the hotel lobby where runners were gathered around the TV that I got the visual of what exactly had happened. I could not wrap my mind around how and why, but those were certainly made clear in the days to come.

Once back in the room I started texting running friends who were also in the marathon. The gals I had traveled with to the start line in Hopkinton began the race 10 minutes behind me. They have their own stories.

This event has drawn us and the running community closer to one another. I flew home with a broken heart for those who lost their lives or were hurt, and for the great city of Boston. As horrible as this incident was, there was a lot of good. I missed requalifying for Boston by 37 seconds. I signed up for a local marathon, requalified and am going back with my husband and sons to celebrate the good.

Brenda Zeck

Third Lake

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