Expect Cubs to play before more empty seats

Posted4/13/2014 5:01 AM

Spring has finally arrived along with Cubs baseball. General manager Jed Hoyer has done his due diligence. He has loaded up the Cubs' roster with free agent sub-.200 career hitters and sore-armed pitchers in anticipation of another 100 losses. Cubs management can also look forward to slumping attendance and lost revenues.

Cubs fans have waited patiently since 1908 for a World Championship. Forget the billy goat and the numerous curses! The Cubs have been consistent losers because of terrible owners and incompetent, oftentimes cheap management.

Remember when the Cubs traded Bill Madlock after he won two consecutive batting titles? He had the audacity to ask for more money. How about All-Star Greg Maddux? He was let go to save chump change. The Cubs didn't worry! After all, they had the immortal Jose Guzman as a stalwart replacement waiting in the wings.

Cubs attendance and revenue has been declining in the four years since Tom Ricketts acquired the team. There is no resurrection in sight until the Cubs purchase some quality Major League talent, most noticeably pitching. Until then, they can look forward to more losses and dwindling attendance.

The pigeon population will outnumber the fan base which will be disguised as empty seats. Major League Baseball now requires all fans to be screened by hand-held metal detectors. The Cubs don't need these devices because I doubt the Wrigley Field pigeon population will be packing heat.

Tony Novak

Arlington Heights

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