Media bias has shaped the nation

Posted3/15/2014 5:01 AM

As of late the president has been making some jaw-dropping statements. On Benghazi, "Our first concern is for our people's safety." On the IRS scandal, "There isn't a smidgen of corruption." He continues to talk about a recovered economy and how well Obamacare is working based on some individual story his administration dug up while ignoring the thousands of bad stories.

My first reaction is "how can he say these things?" when I realize the fact is "why wouldn't he?" when he knows 80 percent of the news media won't say a word about the inaccuracies or total falsehoods.

I also believe media bias can run in both directions and you can pick your own personal preference with your remote control. But I also feel it runs about 75 percent to 80 percent toward liberal Democrats. At some point when the realities of the Obama terms become widespread, we will all have to hold large portions of the media responsible. If the media had done its job vetting Obama up front, even if it had been only a smidgen of the time they have spent on a possible Republican lane closure in N.J., I believe Hillary likely would have been the Democratic nominee (and likely winner vs. McCain). If the media had pressed for details and the truth on Obamacare, it likely would have never been instituted and if the media had shown the slightest bit of curiosity in what during any other period would have been major news stories there would be talk of impeachment now.

My guess is the direction this administration is heading at some point the media start scrutinizing the president. Some will say better late then never. I say they have lost all credibility.

Marc Thomsen

Elk Grove Village

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