Problems with term limits are with us now

Posted3/15/2014 5:01 AM

In your March 8 issue was an article about term limits for our elected House and Senate members. It was interesting for what it didn't say. Members of both parties warn of a loss of experienced lawmakers and how drastic that loss would be for the residents of Illinois. State Sen. Terry Link, a Democrate from Waukegan, likens it to a "sporting team" fielding 25 rookies and the public's dissatisfaction with the results. Isn't that the thinking behind term limits -- to get rid of the people who got us in this terrible economic predicament? Do we really want to retain these people? I sure hope not! I might add that one political party didn't do this alone.

State Sen. Ron Sandack, a Republican from Downers Grove, says "don't make this place or the other chamber a career." Let's keep this guy for his eight years. State Rep. Tom Morrison, R- Palatine says the professional staffs will be running the show, and they're not elected. Well, I believe the elected politician(s) for whom they work should be giving them their targets for research and recommendations.

Another concern mentioned was the professional lobbyists. Sen. Link should be very aware of this. He has been an outspoken promoter of more gambling in Illinois. Hey, why not; one of the country's largest manufacturers of gaming (read gambling) equipment is located in North Chicago, which the last time I looked is in Link's district.

Last, but not least, from state Rep. Elaine Nekritz, a Democrat from Northbrook, the perfectly but depressingly honest answer to term limits was that future lawmakers would be voting for special interests and their next job. I'm afraid that this, fellow voters, is the mindset of too many of the anointed in Springfield. Good luck to us.

James Jones


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