Consider giving up meat for Lent

Posted3/15/2014 5:01 AM

Years ago Christian children tended to "give up" candy during Lent, which was an age-appropriate action, but as we grow older our Lenten observances change. As a nutritionist I suggest you consider reducing your meat consumption drastically during these weeks and consider giving the money saved to the local food pantry.

There is much affordable protein available that doesn't stroll around a barnyard but instead is plant based. Learning to use dried beans and whole grains can add valuable variety to your diet not only during this season but year round.

It will take discipline and some sacrifice, as well as a bit of research, to change your eating habits, but isn't change one of the messages given during this time of reflection? As an added benefit we will help the environment, our bottom line, our waistline as well as our personal timeline since vegetarians tend to live longer than carnivores.

Somehow I sense that these benefits while certainly self-serving would also please the Creator of the abundance we relish.

Audrey Beauvais

Arlington Heights

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