Ask GOP candidates about ties to lobby group

Posted3/14/2014 5:01 AM

There is a good reason that the four GOP candidates for Illinois governor have not been very specific as to their proposals if they win the governor's race. They would be unlikely to win if the voters knew their goals.

It is possible to predict what an Illinois Republican administration would put forth once they got control of our state government. We simply have to look at what the other Republican states have promoted: They have put forth legislation to suppress the vote. They have raised taxes on the middle class and the poor. They want to privatize Social Security and have blocked expansion of Medicare and Medicaid. They have reduced funding for public education. They have restricted worker unions. They have reduced taxes for the wealthy. These are just the most prominent of the GOP state's actions. They are all goals related to the American Legislative Exchange Council, ALEC. The question GOP candidates likely will not answer: Have you ever been a member of ALEC?

Willis Farnham

Hanover Park

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