Libertyville village board sets goals for 2014-15

Village of Libertyville submission
Posted2/26/2014 1:04 PM
  • The driving range at the Libertyville Sports Complex is among the elements owned by the village of Libertyville that have been for sale.

      The driving range at the Libertyville Sports Complex is among the elements owned by the village of Libertyville that have been for sale. Paul Valade | Staff Photographer, 2011

  • An interior look at the proposed Brainerd Community Center.

    An interior look at the proposed Brainerd Community Center. Courtesy of The Hezner Corporation

  • Libertyville's Heritage Area near downtown.

      Libertyville's Heritage Area near downtown. STEVE LUNDY | Staff Photographer

Last fall, the Libertyville village board held its annual workshop to review the status of goals and projects from 2013-14 and develop the same for 2014-15. The following were identified as priorities and approved by the village board on Jan. 28:

• Redevelopment of Vacant Properties: With the near completion of the redevelopment of the former Fresh Foods property and anticipated development application for the Trimm property, the village board and staff will continue to work on redevelopment of the Young property, southwest corner of Route 137 and Milwaukee Avenue, as well as continued work on redevelopment opportunities for the soon to be vacated Motorola campus on Route 45.

• Peterson Road/Route 137 Streetscape Improvements: The village has worked with 3D Design Consultants to develop a streetscape plan for the corridor, and phases one and two have been completed. The village will continue to implement additional phases of the streetscape improvement plan as funding permits, working from Butterfield Road east toward the Route 137/Milwaukee Avenue intersection.

• Continue Plan for Downtown Parking Lot Improvements (east side of Milwaukee Avenue): Staff is near completion with the preliminary design and lease agreements from the 10 private property owners involved in the surface parking lot improvement on the 500 block on the east side of Milwaukee Avenue.

If the lease agreements are completed and approved by the mayor and village board, a consulting engineer will be hired to prepare construction drawings, with possible construction in the summer/fall of 2014.

Staff will also continue to work with the mayor and village board and parking commission on obtaining the site on the east side of Milwaukee Avenue for a future parking garage improvement.

• Complete Sale of the Bolander Property and Sale of the Libertyville Sports Complex Properties: The village has entered into a contract for the sale of the Bolander property, and if the development application with the Swanson Development Group is approved, staff anticipate the closing and sale of the Bolander property will take place sometime in mid to late summer of 2014.

In addition, the mayor and village board, village staff and real estate broker can continue to monitor the local real estate market to determine whether or not it would be advantageous to formally place the Family Entertainment Center and Golf Learning Center components of the Libertyville Sports Complex back on the market for sale.

• Continue Implementation of Road and Water/Sewer Capital Improvements: The village board recently authorized the issuance of an additional $5 million in general obligation bonds for road work and $4.2 million of general obligation bonds for water and sewer improvements, representing the second year of an ongoing multiyear capital improvement program. Staff will oversee the work associated with these capital improvements.

• Revision to the Comprehensive Plan: Last year the village board established a goal evaluating the comprehensive plan to add transportation specifics as they relate to development density.

The intent of the update is to better align future development and associated densities with traffic patterns and infrastructures, and the staff has met with both Metra and the Lake-Cook/Transit Management Agency to discuss possible improvements to the area transportation system and specifically employee transportation.

That information in March will be submitted to the plan commission for review and recommendation to the village board.

• Historic Preservation: The village board adopted a Historic Preservation Ordinance and established a Historic Preservation Commission. Mayor and staff are currently working on obtaining members for the commission. Once appointed, the commission and staff will recommend details and procedures on landmark possibilities.

• Affordable Housing: Staff is waiting formal confirmation, but anticipates that the village has fallen below the 10 percent affordable housing inventory as determined by the Illinois Housing Development Authority. As a non-home rule community, the village will be required to adopt an affordable housing plan to address affordable housing needs. Staff will complete a draft plan for review by the Plan Commission by April/May of 2014, with a recommendation to the village board.

• Update Parks Capital and Infrastructure Plan: In the mid 1990s, the village established a capital improvement plan for village parks and facilities and a small bond issue was utilized to fund improvements to the two pools and many of playgrounds.

With the anticipated sale of the Bolander property and potential revenue source, the Park Capital Improvement and Infrastructure Plan will be updated to prioritize needs in terms of playgrounds, pools, and other facilities.

Staff would also suggest that a capital replacement plan be developed for the Libertyville Sports Complex, which is beginning to face the need for upgrades and replacement of original components included in the facility, such as the recently replaced field turf.

• Develop a Strategic Plan: In addition to the annual goal setting meetings, consideration should be given to establishing an overall strategic plan for the village.

Typically, strategic plans deal with an organization's mission and vision/values, along with such things as financial stability, economic redevelopment, infrastructure, organization (e.g. workforce, succession planning, etc.) environmental and technology issues, many of which the village has addressed on an individual basis.

This strategic plan would pull all of these issues together into an overall big picture, long range plan with broad goals and priorities. Staff will research additional information and, depending upon the desired level of documentation and participation, determine whether or not a consultant would be needed to assist with the process.

• Brainerd Building Referendum: On March 18, a referendum will be held so that voters can determine if the village should issue $11.5 million in bonds on behalf of the Brainerd Community Center Inc., a not-for-profit organization, in order to rehabilitate the Brainerd Building into a Community Center.

Should the referendum pass and the village board determine to move forward, staff will work with the Brainerd Community Center to issue the bonds and assist the Brainerd Community Center and its construction manager with the project.

Should the referendum fail, or the village board decides not to move forward with issuing the bonds, staff will work with representatives of Community High School District 128 (the owner of the Brainerd property) on coordinating the village's financial responsibilities toward the demolition of the property.