We keep voting for self-serving politicians

Posted2/17/2014 5:00 AM

Term Limits? What's wrong with keeping good people in their jobs? Bruce Rauner and others are pushing the idea of two terms and that's it -- "you're out." It's a call to action meant to attract all who want to just toss all those guys out on the street -- yeah, that would teach 'em. So, as the businessman Rauner claims to be, does he terminate all employees after they have been on his staff for eight years?

The problem is not with term limits. The problem is with voters intelligent enough to vote out the bad politicians and vote in and keep the good ones. But, the question may be, are there any good ones? Why would a person spend so much money and effort to become a politician? Because, once you're in, unlike most of us, you're set for life. A cushy job with lots and lots of benefits and no responsibility to answer for your unkept promises. Then, when you do leave, you get a big fat pension or multiple pensions and other freebies like insurance in addition to all you could have absconded with while in office.

Every day the news is loaded with another public servant who has been found serving themselves and not the public. And the sad reality is, they get resurrected and re-elected.

It's been said that we have the very best politicians that money can buy. Perhaps we are paying too much.

Bill Holtane

Des Plaines

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