NFL players know the risks

Posted1/31/2014 1:20 PM

In response to the decision by the judge overseeing the settlement agreement between the NFL and the former players over concussions, I am absolutely perplexed.

As an attorney, there is a concept in the law called "Assumption of Risk." These ballplayers knew that they could be injured while playing national football. It is like a boxer claiming that they have a right to disability payments because they were injured while boxing. Duh!

I am very concerned that the court system in this country is going down the tubes of not following the law, but only emotions. Many judges do not follow the law, but make rulings based on their personal feelings. That is not what has made this country free in the past.

The judicial system of this country needs to be scrutinized. Judges who violate their oath to follow the law should be removed from the bench.

Steven R. Heuberger


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