Break state's 'parasitic loop' with unions

Posted1/27/2014 5:00 AM

How many Illinois citizens know that Illinois governors Rod Blagojevich (currently in jail) and Pat Quinn have forced mothers who stay at home to care for their disabled children to join SEIU and become state employees against their will?

You see, these mothers were receiving Medicaid to subsidize the care for their kids and that opened the door for Blagojevich and Quinn to add 20,000 new dues paying members to SEIU.

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The reason they did this is obvious; SEIU always supports Democrats with massive campaign contributions in return for laws that add more dues-paying members to SEIU. This is a perfect illustration of the "parasitic loop" of unions and Democrat politicians at the cost of individual freedom in two ways.

First, these mothers are forced to join unions against their will, and, second, the dues they are forced to pay can be spent to support Democrats against a mother's will. Fortunately, Pamela Harris, a very brave mother caring for her severely disabled child objects to this attack on her freedom of choice and has sued Illinois. The case has reached the U.S. Supreme Court.

By bravely shining sunlight on this attack on her freedom, let's hope Pamela Harris and other Illinois citizens win back their freedom and break the "parasitic loop" between unions and Democrat politicians that is bankrupting our state.

Randy Rossi


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