Check out this fact on global warming

Posted1/7/2014 5:00 AM

Another instance of selective reporting of the news is the nature of the trip a group of people took to the Antarctic. The Southern Hemisphere is in its warm or "summer" season now. The part left out of the "news" is that these guys are a bunch of global warming proponents/supporters. How do you get stuck in the ice during the summer? Must be caused by global warming! Like the below-zero temps experienced this week in the Midwest.

By the way, Al Gore, here's an inconvenient fact: The No. 1 greenhouse gas is water vapor! Which is produced very naturally by the sun, which we all know is controlled by greedy U.S. corporate types. I'm sure Nancy Pelosi would agree, if she were asked after her weekly commute from D.C. to California (no fuel wasted there -- very "green").

Bob Poynter Hoffman Estates

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