Anti-guns sign in the window? Laughable.

Posted10/25/2013 5:00 AM

The Silly Season is upon us. Illinois State Police have designed a sign that people can post in their place of business informing customers that concealed guns -- while legal -- will not be tolerated on their premises. By thus flaunting their liberal credentials, businesses, such as Starbucks, guarantee that law-abiding citizens carrying concealed weaponry won't get in. These are people who got concealed carry permits in the fervent hope that they would never, ever have to use their weapons. So the sign in store windows means that only mental defectives and those with criminal intent will pass through their portals bearing firearms. These are people who acquired guns in the fervent hope that they would one day get to use them.

Picture two crooks discussing robbing a nearby store:

Robber One: "Let us rob that 7-Eleven."

Robber Two: "Hold on there, Sparky. Observe the sign in the window."

Robber One: "Golly whiskers! It says no guns are allowed inside. And that is an official Illinois State Police sign, too. You are right. We dare not rob this establishment. Let us flee and rob a store that will allow us to bring our guns inside."

And people think California is the center of wacky, trendy thinking.

Don Frost

Rolling Meadows

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