Get medical records of would-be gun owners

Posted10/14/2013 5:00 AM

Gun control has been a very big issue in the United States this year. Citizens have the right to own a gun, it's constitutional in the Second Amendment, but the problem here is that it doesn't hold too many restrictions on it.

I understand that some people want to own a gun for self-defense; however, I believe that more restrictions should be added. There have been too many accidents that cost people's lives -- for example, the killing of Christopher Lane, or the Navy shootings and much more.

Guns shouldn't be accessible to children or teens or mentally challenged people. The problem with gun control is that people need to realize that there should be more restrictions on owning a gun.

The buyer should be willing to sacrifice something to own a gun. And what I mean by "sacrifice something," I mean sacrifice some of their rights. When buying a gun, the vendor runs the buyer's criminal records and if is clean, then the vendor assumes that they are capable in owning a gun. What about if the individual has behavior problems or mental illnesses? How is the vendor supposed to know this? If the vendor is able to check the buyer's criminal records then I say it's necessary for the vendor to be able to check the buyer's medical records too.

If a person really wants to buy a gun for protection, then they should be able to give up their medical records in order to own a gun not just their criminal record.

It will definitely reduce the number of deaths, because people who suffer with behavior problems should not own a gun. Only individuals who receive the proper gun training should be permitted to own a gun and for self protection purposes only.

Carolina Rodriguez


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